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Our Culture

SEI Group’s Three’s P’s of Sustainability

Whether you are one of our customers, partners, or employees, we feel that it is important that you be knowledgeable of our “inverted pyramid” of values that represent SEI's three p’s of sustainability.


Diversity, business integrity, and social responsibility are the values that define our people. From a disadvantaged minority-owned business to a company of more than 80 employees from a wide range of expertise in disciplines including: energy conservation, instrumentation, direct digital controls, energy technology systems monitoring, and validation and measurement, we believe the more diverse, the stronger the team.

Without our community there would be no space for our business. At SEI Group, we emphasize the importance of giving back, specifically, in the form of educational outreach to create more opportunities and a better future for the next generation.


Quality and innovation are our top goals when providing solutions for the SEI Group customer. We strive to minimize our management layers with our well-established, proven policies and processes for critical aspects of program and project management, accounting, and quality control. Furthermore, our standard processes are consistently applied to our projects creating high quality systems delivered on time, within budget, and with energy savings that can be documented. As a result of this focus, we have received recognition, certifications, and awards for our past performance.


Leading the ecological movement towards environmental conservation and protection is no small task. All of our present services and technologies at SEI Group offer a step in the direction towards carbon footprint reduction. Furthermore, we believe in concentrating on the big picture and having a vision not only for the future of our business but the global community as well.


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