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Our Approach

At SEI Group, we conduct research & development, technology validation & demonstration, and technology integration projects for government agencies in the United States to explore the application potential of different renewable energy technologies. With research and imagination, SEI Group is helping the U.S. government reach their energy consumption and carbon footprint reduction goals one step at a time to innovate a greener future.

Waste Recycling System

This integrated, transportable system was designed to process waste oil and waste fuel into clean, reliable diesel power generator fuel for the U.S. Military forces and can be deployed at remote field logistics operations sites or military bases. The processed fuel replaces and enhances the use of new JP-8 fuel, which have been the cause of generator fuel system and injector problems in the past, by mixing the cleaned oil with recycled waste fuel. As a result, the lubricating qualities were notably improved and the fuel system/ injector failures were dramatically reduced. Also, fuel costs were lowered at a rate in excess of $8 / gallon of recycled fuel.

The Process

The System is composed of two separate Subsystems; Waste Oil and Waste Fuel Processing and the following features:

  • Waste Fuel and Waste Oil Storage tanks.
  • Centrifuge Contaminant Removal Subsystems.
  • Multiple Filtering Process System.
  • Integrated Monitoring & Control Systems.

System Capacity

  • Average operating throughputs from 1 gal/min to 2 gals/min
  • Maximum sustained capacity of 3 gals/min.
  • Experienced Reclaim Availability of 92%.

Cost - Effectiveness

This system demonstrated NET fuel savings from $150,000 to $450,000/month, depending upon the amount of waste material processed (based on $8/gal for JP-8).


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