Sustainable Construction Responds to Environmental Impact and Resource Consumption


Langley AFB, VA

sustainability geothermal v2

  • 8 Buildings on New System Loop
  • Two Interconnected Geothermal Well-Fields
  • Approx. 900 Tons of Cooling
  • 528 ea. 400’ Deep Vertical Wells
  • Distributed Geothermal Pumping System


Solar Hot Water System
Ft. Benning, GA

sustainability solar v2

  • 45 each Solar Thermal Collector Panels
    per Building
  • New Domestic Hot Water System
  • 1000 Gallon Hot Water Storage Tank/Bldg.
  • BTU Meters for Measurement & Verification
    of Energy Savings

Solar Walls
Fort Bragg, NC

sustainability solarwalls v2

  • Solar Collector Wall Panels for Four Separate Buildings
  • New Duct and Supply Air Fans
  • Additional Ceiling Fans for Air Distribution
  • Integrate into UMCS


Wind Turbines
Great Lakes, IL & Amarillo, TX

sustainability windturbine v2

  • Design-Build
  • 100KW Small Wind Turbine
  • Height: 120’ (37 Meters)