Evaluate Condition & Capabilities of Customer Facilities

and Infrastructure to Achieve Sustainable Energy Goals

Engineering Support

Plant Engineering
29 Palms, CA

maintEng plant v2

  • Facilities/Logistics Operations &
    Maintenance for Training Areas
  • Evaluated Condensing Boiler
  • Measurement & Verification
    of LED Lighting Technologies
  • Installed and Evaluated Feasibility
    of PV for HVAC AC & DC Heat Pump
    Condensing Units.


Boiler Combustion Control
Study - Bangor, WA

maintEng boiler v2

  • Designed and Installed
    Enhanced Control System
  • Measurement & Verification
    of Combustion Control Technology
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Technology


Chiller Compressor Study
NAS Jacksonville, FL

maintEng chiller v2

  • Installed 60 ton State–of–Art
    Chiller Compressors
  • Designed & Installed Metering,
    Controls and Energy
    Reporting System
  • Measurement & Verification
    of Energy Consumption and Costs
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of
    Technology and Feasibility Study

Small Destratification Fan
Naval Station Norfolk, VA

maintEng smalldest v2

  • Designed and Installed
    Energy Demonstration Project
  • 20 Small Destratification
    Fans with Controls in
    Aircraft Hangar
  • Measurement & Verification
    of Energy Consumption
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of
    Technology and Feasibility Report


Energy Audits

maintEng energyaudits v2

  • Electrical/Lighting Audits at 31
    US Air Force Installations
  • Various Mechanical and Electrical
    Technology Studies at over
    40 US Navy sites