Pursuing Energy Security

through Alternative & Renewable Energy Technologies

Energy Technogies

Zinc Energy Storage System (ZESS)

productsEnergy zess v2

  • 50kWh Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC) system
  • Chargeable from a variety of power sources
  • Fast re-charge time (3-4 hours)
  • Discharge at continuous rates up to 300A
  • Runs independently from the grid


Magnetic Bearing Chiller Compressor

productsEnergy compressor2 v2

  • Oil free chiller compressor
  • 60 to 90 ton capacity
  • 286,000 kWh annual energy savings (41%)
  • Reduced operating noise levels
  • Operates as low as 0.3 kW/ton

Building Integrated Photovoltaics

productsEnergy photovolt v2

  • Peak power output of 27 kWp DC STC
  • Energy output of 31,560 kWh annually
  • Building integrated PV meeting Cool Roof
    rating standards
  • Panel type - Amorphous silicon panels
    enable maximum kilowatt-hour output


Solar Powered LED Lighting

productsEnergy solar v2

  • Aluminum Light Pole Assembly
  • Gel Cell Batteries
  • LED Light Fixture/Lamp