Advanced Metering

of Utilities Consumption and Reduction

Advanced Metering

Hill AFB, UT

productsmetering odgen v2

  • Upgraded 16 Electric Meters to Modbus
    TCP & Installed 1 New SMART Electric Meter
  • Replaced 5 Existing Gas Meters & Upgraded
    7 Gas Meters to Modbus TCP. 
  • Performed Meter Commissioning Services


West Point, NY

productsmetering highland v2r

  • 22 New Smart Electrical Meters
  • 52 New Water Meters
  • 24 New Gas Meters
  • Integrated New Meters into EEDRS
  • Cybersecurity/Risk Management Framework

New Orleans, LA & Warsaw, MO

productsmetering neworleans v2

  • Installation of 3 New Revenue Grade
    Smart Electric Meters at each Site
  • Installation of Building Point of Connections (BPOCs)
  • Integration to Front-End Computer System


Arnold AFB - Tullahoma, TN

productsmetering arnold v2

  • Installed 138 New Electric Meters
  • Programmed and Commissioned the Advanced Metering
    Reporting System (AMRS)